Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Near the Raiders' Camp

Some cultists ambushed the party as they travelled through a mountain pass, but we killed them all and acquired some of their robes. Jelenneth, in the shape of a goat, scaled one of the slopes and found a man, near death. She healed him and learned he was a monk named Nesim Waladra, who had been investigating the cult with his master (Leosin Erlanthar?) Nesim had been captured and he did not know what had become of the senior monk. He was not well enough to travel with us so we let him head back to the village.

We neared the outskirts of an encampment and saw a wooden guard/observation tower. As we crept closer, Sir Witherby set fire to the tower with a firebolt, which triggered immediate pursuit by about fifteen cultists of differing races, including half-dragons. The druid and the wizard fled, while the rogue stayed hidden. Fargrim donned a cultist’s robe and tried to pass himself off as one of them, with not much success. Sir Witherby hid in a cave while Jelenneth conjured a thick fog and managed to elude her pursuers. She put on a robe and tagged along behind them. Meanwhile Fargrim was in a running battle with some cultists and managed to defeat them all. Jelenneth dropped behind and eventually found Sir Witherby. At the moment only they are together; Cade is still hiding and Fargrim is also hiding somewhere north west of the camp.


pord lord_marmalade

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