Ivor Basha

Male Human Barbarian


Ability scores: STR: 17 (3) DEX: 15 (2) CON: 17 (3) INT: 12 (1) WIS: 13 (1) CHA: 12 (1)
Saving throws: STR: 5 DEX: +2 CON: +5 INT: +1 WIS: +1 CHA: +1
Initiative: +2 Speed: 30 Passive perception: 13 Size: Medium Proficiency bonus: +2 Gender: Male
Hit points: 15 Hit dice: 1d12
Armor: None
AC: 15
Melee weapons:
Great Axe (
5 to hit) 1d12+3 slashing damage
3 Javelins (5 to hit) 1d63 piercing damage
Ranged weapons:
3 Javelins (5 to hit) 1d63 piercing damage Range: 30/120
Proficient skills: Intimidation +3, Perception +3, Sleight of Hand +4, Stealth +4
Non-proficient skills: Acrobatics +2, Animal Handling +1, Arcana +1, Athletics +3, Deception +1, History +1, Insight +1, Investigation +1, Medicine +1, Nature +1, Perform +1, Persuasion +1, Religion +1, Survival +1
Languages: Common, Giant Other proficiencies: Disguise kit, Thieves’ tools
Abilities: Rage (2 Rages, +2 damage), Unarmored Defense
Equipment: Explorer’s pack, Token, Common clothes Wealth: 80 gp


Background: Urchin

Personality: I sleep with my back to a wall or tree, with everything I own wrapped in a bundle in my arms. I eat like a pig and have bad manners.

Ideal: Community. We have to take care of each other, because no one else is going to do it. (Lawful)

Bond: My town or city is my home, and I’ll fight to defend it.

Flaw: If I’m outnumbered, I will run away from a fight.

More about Ivor: Ontharr Frume, a crusading warrior and champion of good, is your friend and mentor. He has asked you to travel to Greenest in search of rumors of increasing dragon activity.

Ivor Basha

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