Daar Daardendrian

Female Silver Dragonborn Fighter


Ability scores: STR: 17 (3) DEX: 16 (3) CON: 15 (2) INT: 13 (1) WIS: 13 (1) CHA: 14 (2)
Saving throws: STR: 5 DEX: +3 CON: +4 INT: +1 WIS: +1 CHA: +2
Initiative: +3 Speed: 30 Passive perception: 11 Size: Medium Proficiency bonus: +2 Gender: Female
Hit points: 12 Hit dice: 1d10
Armor: Chain mail and Shield
AC: 18
Melee weapons:
Rapier (
5 to hit) 1d8+3 piercing damage
3 Javelins (5 to hit) 1d63 piercing damage
Ranged weapons:
3 Javelins (5 to hit) 1d63 piercing damage Range: 30/120
Long bow (5 to hit) 1d83 piercing damage Range: 150/600 20 arrows
Proficient skills: Acrobatics +5, Athletics +5, Insight +3, Intimidation +4
Non-proficient skills: Animal Handling +1, Arcana +1, Deception +2, History +1, Investigation +1, Medicine +1, Nature +1, Perception +1, Perform +2, Persuasion +2, Religion +1, Sleight of Hand +3, Stealth +3, Survival +1
Languages: Common, Draconic Other proficiencies: Dragonchess, Land vehicles
Racial Traits: Draconic Ancestry (Silver), Breath Weapon (Cold damage in a 15 ft. cone), Damage Resistance (Cold)
Abilities: Fighting Style (Protection), Second Wind
Equipment: Insignia of rank, War trophy, Bone dice, Common clothes, Dungeoneer’s pack Wealth: 170 gp


Background: Soldier (Support staff)

Personality: I face problems head-on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success. I’m always polite and respectful.

Ideal: Greater Good. Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others. (Good)

Bond: Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never leave a friend behind.

Flaw: I’d rather eat my armor than admit when I’m wrong.

More about Daar:
You have heard rumors that your close childhood friend, a half-elf named Talis, has been kidnapped by a strange group of dragon cultists. Your investigations into the cult have led you to the town of Greenest. You must save her!

Daar Daardendrian

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