Cora Underbough

Female Stout Halfling Cleric (Life domain)


Ability scores: STR: 15 (2) DEX: 12 (1) CON: 15 (2) INT: 13 (1) WIS: 15 (2) CHA: 11 (0)
Saving throws: STR: 2 DEX: +1 CON: +2 INT: +1 WIS: +4 CHA: +2
Initiative: +1 Speed: 25 Passive perception: 14 Size: Small Proficiency bonus: +2 Gender: Female
Hit points: 10 Hit dice: 1d8
Armor: Chain mail and Shield
AC: 18
Melee weapons:
Mace (
4 to hit) 1d6+2 bludgeoning damage
Handaxe (4 to hit) 1d62 slashing damage
Ranged weapons:
Handaxe (4 to hit) 1d62 slashing damage Range: 20/60
Proficient skills: Athletics +4, History +3, Perception +4, Religion +3
Non-proficient skills: Acrobatics +1, Animal Handling +2, Arcana +1, Deception +0, Insight +2, Intimidation +0, Investigation +1, Medicine +2, Nature +1, Perform +0, Persuasion +0, Sleight of Hand +1, Stealth +1, Survival +2
Languages: Common, Halfling Other proficiencies: Navigator’s tools, Water vehicles
Racial Traits: Lucky, Brave, Halfling Nimbleness, Stout Resilience
Abilities: Spellcasting, Divine Domain, Bonus proficiency, Discipline of Life
Equipment: 50 feet silk rope, Lucky charm, Trinket, Common clothes, Holy symbol Wealth: 130 gp

Current spells: Guiding Bolt, Inflict Wounds, Shield of Faith Cantrips: Guidance, Resistance, Spare the Dying
Cleric Domain Spells: Bless, Cure Wounds
Spell slots: 2 first level Spell save DC: 12 Spell Attack Modifier: +4 Can prepare 3 spells


Background: Sailor

Personality: My language is as foul as an otyugh nest. My friends know they can rely on me, no matter what.

Ideal: Freedom. The sea is freedom—the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. (Chaotic)

Bond: I’m loyal to my captain first, everything else second.

Flaw: I follow orders, even if I think they’re wrong.

More about Cora:
Follower of Ilmarter

You have a secret. You once were a gold dragon who served Bahamut. You were too proud and vain, to the point that Bahamut decided to teach you a lesson. You have been trapped in a weak, humanoid body, with your memories of your former life but a dim shadow. You remember only one thing with perfect clarity: Bahamut’s command to go into the
world and prove your devotion to the cause of good. If you prove worthy, on your death you will return to his side in your true form.

Cora Underbough

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